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 redwhite 08/29  Dale Earnhardt Jr. Running Well Makes NASCAR Better: A Fan?s Opinion - Jimmy Collins
 redwhite 08/29  NASCAR News & Notes of the Week - athlonsports.com
 redwhite 08/24  Dale Earnhardt Jr. offers solution to fix Bristol - Nate Ryan
 redwhite 08/24  Dale Earnhardt Jr. Bristol's Most Consistent Performer - thefinallap.com
 redwhite 08/24  Earnhardt Jr. takes offense at Keselowski's comments - Jim Utter
 redwhite 08/24  Dale Earnhardt Jr., Jimmie Johnson toss barbs at Keselowski - Nate Ryan
 redwhite 08/24  Hendrick Motorsports might have found an edge - Don Coble
 redwhite 08/24  Hendrick Motorsports Chasing History - Michelle Lesener
 redwhite 08/24  Dale Earnhardt Jr. helping put education and the National Guard together - Allie Robinson
 redwhite 08/24  Dale Earnhardt Jr. stops by Tennessee High - Allie Robinson
 redwhite 08/24  Internet Votes Dale Earnhardt Jr. Onto Cover Of New Nascar Game - Raphael Orlove
 redwhite 08/24  Dale Earnhardt Jr. Wins Pole Position For New NASCAR Game Cover - motorauthority.com
 redwhite 08/21  Dale Earnhardt Jr., Jeff Gordon 'fine' after radio dust-up - Nate Ryan
 redwhite 08/20  Earnhardt, Letarte show their mettle at Michigan - David Caraviello
 redwhite 08/19  Dale Earnhardt Jr. makes amends for wrecks with fourth-place run at Michigan - Bob Pockrass
 redwhite 08/19  Dale Jr. Races Backup Car to 4th at Michigan - Mike Davis, Hendrick Motorsports
 redwhite 08/19  Hendrick engines have mixed results at Michigan - Seth Livingstone
 redwhite 08/19  Jeff Gordon rips teammate Dale Earnhardt Jr. after close call at Michigan - sportingnews.com
 redwhite 08/18  Dale Earnhardt Jr. crashes in Michigan final practice; Jimmie Johnson also must start from rear - Bob Pockrass
 redwhite 08/17  Dale Earnhardt Jr., Kyle Busch looking for jolt at Michigan - Nate Ryan
 redwhite 08/17  Dale Earnhardt Jr. returns to Michigan looking for more ? more speed, more wins - Bob Pockrass
 redwhite 08/17  Junior Promises More Aggressive Approach In Michigan Return - autoracingdaily.com
 redwhite 08/17  Dale Earnhardt Jr., Rick Hendrick settle in as Tallahassee's new GM dealers - Dave Hodges
 redwhite 08/17  Win Dale Earnhardt Jr.?s Camaro - thesportsbank.net
 redwhite 08/14  CUP: Earnhardt Jr., Ambrose In MIS Spotlight - Mike Hembree
 redwhite 08/14  Steve Letarte on Repeating at Michigan with Earnhardt, New Tire - Mike Neff
 redwhite 08/14  Dale Earnhardt Jr. Car Dealerships Come to Tallahassee - Deneige Broom
 redwhite 08/14  Marcos Ambrose win complicates Chase battle; NASCAR fans can register to win a Silverado, meet Dale Earnhardt Jr. - Matt Myftiu
 redwhite 08/13  Dale Earnhardt Jr. upset with mistake that costs him points lead; Jimmie Johnson back on top - Bob Pockrass
 redwhite 08/13  Jeff Gordon, Dale Earnhardt Jr. cry foul over spilled oil - Chad Leistikow
 redwhite 08/13  Dale Earnhardt Jr. said 'overdriving' led to mistake at Watkins Glen - James Johnson
 redwhite 08/13  Dale Earnhardt Jr. Gets 28th-Place Result, Loses NASCAR Points Lead At Watkins Glen - Jordan Bianchi
 redwhite 08/08  Mistake and Failure Prone, Hendrick Motorsports Still Conquers Pocono - Davis Keith
 redwhite 08/08  Junior gets lucky despite transmission woes - Seth Livingstone
 redwhite 08/08  Dale Earnhardt Jr. retains Cup Series lead - Jim Utter
 redwhite 08/05  Transmission Woes Spoil Strong Run at Pocono - Mike Davis, JR Motorsports
 redwhite 08/04  Junior deal looking pretty good now - David Newton
 redwhite 08/04  Dale Earnhardt Jr. finally in a good place - Pete Pistone
 redwhite 08/04  Earnhardt Jr. Rides High into Pocono - Pete Pistone
 redwhite 08/04  CUP: Earnhardt Jr. ? Point Lead A Validation - Mike Hembree
 redwhite 08/04  Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s summer hot streak likely to continue at Pocono - Lars Anderson
 redwhite 08/04  POCONO 400: Earnhardt enjoying view from top - Scott Walsh
 redwhite 08/03  Dale Earnhardt Jr.: Can He Stand Strong Against Challenge from Teammate? - Sandra MacWatters
 redwhite 08/03  Dale Earnhardt Jr. relishing NASCAR Sprint Cup points lead - Nate Ryan
 redwhite 08/03  HAMMOND: Top Teams Can Change Approach Now - Jeff Hammond
 redwhite 08/03  Dale Jr. optimistic about making run at Pocono - John Erzar
 redwhite 08/03  ACCCE Launches New Ad With Dale Earnhardt, Jr. - americaspower.org
 redwhite 08/03  CUP: Is This Earnhardt?s Year? - foxnews.com
 redwhite 08/03  The Dale Earnhardt Jr. Foundation Shows Softer Side of Dale Jr.: A Fan?s Perspective - Jimmy Collins
 redwhite 08/03  Dale Earnhardt Jr. leading in collectibles sales - sportingnews.com
 redwhite 08/03  Johnson and Earnhardt Jr. won?t be stopped - Ryan Spitza
 redwhite 08/03  Career Numbers Propel Earnhardt To No. 1 Ranking - autoracingdaily.com
 redwhite 07/31  Consistent Dale Earnhardt Jr. seeking more victories - Chris Jenkins
 redwhite 07/31  Consistency drives Dale Earnhardt Jr. to top of standings - Jim Utter
 redwhite 07/31  Who Needs Dale Jr. Anyway? NASCAR Nation for One - S.D. Grady
 redwhite 07/31  Dale Earnhardt Jr. keeps eyes on the prize, not points lead - Nate Ryan
 redwhite 07/31  Earnhardt Jr. Haters Are Fuming - bumpdrafter.blogspot.com
 redwhite 07/31  Junior back on top of Cup world - David Newton
 redwhite 07/31  Earnhardt Consistency Continues, Pays Off - Sarah Farlee
 redwhite 07/31  Yes, Dale Earnhardt Jr. is in first place. Really. - Jay Busbee
 redwhite 07/31  Earnhardt Jr. takes over Cup lead - Lee Spencer
 redwhite 07/31  Earnhardt Jr. gains from Kenseth's misfortune - Mark Aumann
 redwhite 07/31  Earnhardt Jr. takes point lead but will ?have to wait until next year? to win Indianapolis - Kelly Crandall
 redwhite 07/31  Earnhardt Jr. Back On Top - Jeff Wackerlin
 redwhite 07/29  Dale Jr. Takes Points Lead With 4th at Indy - Mike Davis, JR Motorsports
 redwhite 07/29  Junior's turnaround continues by seizing points lead in Indianapolis - Dustin Long
 redwhite 07/29  NASCAR At Indianapolis Results: Denny Hamlin Notes 'Unique' Hendrick Setup - Jeff Gluck
 redwhite 07/24  Vegas odds favor Dale Earnhardt Jr. - espn.go.com
 redwhite 07/24  Junior expands brand beyond racing - Lee Spencer
 redwhite 07/24  Dale Earnhardt Jr: Good for NASCAR, Good for America! - Carol Einarsson
 redwhite 07/24  For Dale Earnhardt Jr. Half a Season Makes a Huge Difference: A Fan?s View - Jimmy Collins
 redwhite 07/24  Dale Earnhardt Jr. extends NASCAR record - hendrickmotorsports.com
 redwhite 07/24  Second in Sprint Cup Points for Dale Earnhardt Jr. Not an Option: A Fan?s Opinion - Jimmy Collins
 redwhite 07/24  House Votes to Give $26.5 Million More in Tax Money to Dale Earnhardt Jr., NASCAR - politic365.com
 redwhite 07/24  Dale Earnhardt Jr. touched by congrats from Charlie Daniels - freep.com
 redwhite 07/19  Dale Earnhardt Jr., Danica Patrick working together to promote Nationwide, satisfy sponsors - Bob Pockrass
 redwhite 07/19  Idle Thoughts: NASCAR at the break - Pete Pistone
 redwhite 07/19  Earnhardt?s Success Gives NASCAR A Boost - Charlie Leffler
 redwhite 07/19  Junior claims 8th top-5 finish - clarionledger.com
 redwhite 07/19  Midseason grades: Some drivers A's, but guess who gets the F - Jeff Owens
 redwhite 07/19  Dale Earnhardt Jr. the man to beat atop NASCAR Power Rankings - Dustin Long
 redwhite 07/19  NASCAR military sponsorships facing fight - Dustin Long
 redwhite 07/19  Forbes - Dale Earnhardt, Jr. - forbes.com
 redwhite 07/14  Cup half full - Ryan McGee
 redwhite 07/14  Dale Earnhardt Jr. in strong Chase position - Rich Thompson
 redwhite 07/14  Drivers react to Allmendinger suspension, NASCAR drug testing policy - autoweek.com
 redwhite 07/13  Dale Earnhardt Jr. At New Hampshire 2012: We're Ready To Gamble - Jeff Gluck
 redwhite 07/13  Dale Earnhardt Jr. disappointed Army leaving NASCAR, happy National Guard plans to return - Bob Pockrass
 redwhite 07/07  Last-Lap Accident Leaves Dale Jr. 15th at Daytona - Mike Davis, JR Motorsports
 redwhite 07/07  Dale Earnhardt Jr. At Daytona: Drivers Tried, Couldn't Make Passes - Jeff Gluck
 redwhite 07/05  Dale Earnhardt Jr. looks to pull off two-win weekend at Daytona - Bob Pockrass
 redwhite 07/05  Dale Earnhardt Jr.: Concerns Over NASCAR Sway Bar Rule Change Was Much Ado About Nothing - Jeff Gluck
 redwhite 07/05  Dale Earnhardt Jr. still feels impact of difference-making win - Ron Green Jr.
 redwhite 07/05  Daytona is Dale Earnhardt Jr.?s Track - Brian Berg Jr.
 redwhite 07/05  Winning doesn't cure everything, but it sure cured Dale Earnhardt Jr. - Doug Demmons
 redwhite 07/05  Dale Earnhardt finds balance with Steve Letarte - Don Coble
 redwhite 07/05  Michael Waltrip Talks About "The Waltrip," Dale Jr., MWR and More - Sandra MacWatters
 redwhite 07/05  Dale Earnhardt Jr. builds Sprint Cup momentum as first half closes - Carlos Mendez
 redwhite 07/05  Confident Earnhardt Heads Back to Daytona - Dustin Long
 redwhite 07/05  Hendrick teams getting stronger now - Jeff Hammond
 redwhite 07/05  Hendrick Motorsports: Home of the 2012 Sprint Cup Champion? - Sandra MacWatters
 redwhite 06/26  Why Dale Earnhardt Jr. Could Be Primed to Dominate Moving Forward - Aaron Dodge
 redwhite 06/26  Dale Earnhardt Jr.: Why NASCAR Star Looks Poised to Take Things over - Michael Guadalupe
 redwhite 06/26  NASCAR: Dale Earnhardt Jr. focused on the title - Reid Spencer
 redwhite 06/26  Dale Earnhardt Jr. Is A Fascinating Marketing Study - Darren Rovell
 redwhite 06/26  Dale Earnhardt Jr. steams: 'We're better than this' - Nate Ryan
 redwhite 06/22  After 4 Years of Losing with Class, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Wins with It - David Joseph
 redwhite 06/22  With skid over, anything seems possible for Junior - David Caraviello
 redwhite 06/22  Flat Spot On: Earnhardt Jr. On The Road To Title? - Jonathan Ingram
 redwhite 06/22  Hendrick went S.W.A.T. on Junior - David Newton
 redwhite 06/22  Behind the Hauler: Dale Earnhardt Jr. - Pete Pistone
 redwhite 06/22  Idle Thoughts: "The Junior Factor" - Pete Pistone
 redwhite 06/22  Junior's victory also a win for NASCAR - Don Coble
 redwhite 06/22  Matter of trust: Dale Earnhardt Jr. gets boost in confidence, performance from Steve Letarte - Bob Pockrass
 redwhite 06/22  2 cents: Earnhardt-Letarte pair pays dividends - Don Coble
 redwhite 06/22  Earnhardt and Letarte demonstrate better racing through chemistry - Doug Demmons
 redwhite 06/22  Dale Earnhardt Jr. provides boost in NASCAR Toyota/Save Mart 350 ticket sales - Curtis Pashelka
 redwhite 06/20  Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s Long Road - Vito Pugliese
 redwhite 06/20  At last, Dale Earnhardt Jr. gets to ring victory bell - Nate Ryan
 redwhite 06/20  Earnhardt on NASCAR title: 'Let's do it' - George Diaz
 redwhite 06/20  Rick Hendrick not surprised by Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s 2012 success - Pete Pistone
 redwhite 06/20  Letarte, Junior meld together well - Rea White
 redwhite 06/20  Earnhardt Jr. ready to get on the 'road' after Michigan win - miamiherald.com
 redwhite 06/20  Letarte the catalyst in Earnhardt's turnaround - David Caraviello
 redwhite 06/20  During drought, Hendrick never lost faith in Junior - David Caraviello
 redwhite 06/20  One - Four - Three - Darrell Waltrip
 redwhite 06/20  Dale Earnhardt Jr. backing up his claim as best Hendrick driver - Bob Pockrass
 redwhite 06/20  Racing Roundtable: When will Dale Earnhardt Jr. win again? Who's next to snap long winless streak? - sportingnews.com
 redwhite 06/20  Dale Earnhardt Jr. hits the road course - Tom FitzGerald
 redwhite 06/20  Letarte essential part of Junior win - Larry McReynolds
 redwhite 06/20  Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s bar, Whisky River, knows how to celebrate Junior's wins - Bob Pockrass
 redwhite 06/20  For Junior Nation, Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s Victory Is A National Holiday - sbnation.com
 redwhite 06/20  After low-key victory party, Dale Earnhardt Jr. is focused on Sonoma - blog.pennlive.com
 redwhite 06/20  Dale Earnhardt Jr. proved to be a popular winner, road courses dominate this weekend's schedule - Matt Weaver
 redwhite 06/20  Junior's lesson: Don't give up - Jenna Fryer
 redwhite 06/20  Dale Earnhardt Jr. gets a 'congrats' from Steve Spurrier - George Diaz
 redwhite 06/17  SPEED Quotes: Reaction to Earnhardt Jr.?s Breakthrough Win At Michigan - speedtv.com
 redwhite 06/17  Dale Earnhardt Jr. wins at Michigan - David Newton
 redwhite 06/17  CUP: Junior And His Nation Celebrate - Mike Hembree
 redwhite 06/17  Junior wins! Can we get an OMG?! A woo-hoo?! - Jim Utter
 redwhite 06/17  Dale Earnhardt Jr. Fans Rejoice On Twitter As NASCAR Driver Snaps Winless Streak At Michigan - Jeff Gluck
 redwhite 06/17  Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s Michigan Win: NASCAR Driver Had Nervous Moments - Jeff Gluck
 redwhite 06/17  NASCAR Results 2012: Dale Earnhardt Jr. Wins Michigan Race, Ends Streak - Jeff Gluck
 redwhite 06/17  Dale Earnhardt Jr. Public Relations Representative Has Day To Remember - Jeff Gluck
 redwhite 06/17  The drought is over! Junior back in Victory Lane - nascar.com
 redwhite 06/17  Dale Earnhardt Jr. dominates Michigan race for first win since 2008 - sportingnews.com
 redwhite 06/15  Coming up short: Seven races that Dale Earnhardt Jr. nearly won during four-year winless streak - Bob Pockrass
 redwhite 06/15  Dale Earnhardt Jr. A Legitimate Contender To Win 2012 NASCAR Championship - Jordan Bianchi
 redwhite 06/15  Dale Earnhardt, Jr. looking to end 143-race drought at Michigan - Lars Anderson
 redwhite 06/15  Junior is going to win, it's just a matter of when - Jeff Wolfe
 redwhite 06/15  CUP: A Junior Achievement? - Mike Hembree
 redwhite 06/14  In the spotlight: Dale Earnhardt Jr. reveals how he handles media, money, 'tough' team owner Rick Hendrick - Bob Pockrass
 redwhite 06/14  Fans still adore Dale Earnhardt Jr., 'last of good old boys' - Nate Ryan
 redwhite 06/14  2012 NSCS Quicken Loans 400 Pre-Race Q&A with Team Chevy Driver, Dale Earnhardt, Jr. - catchfence.com
 redwhite 06/14  Dale Earnhardt Jr. dreams about elusive win 'all the time' - usatoday.com
 redwhite 06/12  Dale Earnhardt Jr. is poised to win at MIS - Brian Berg Jr.
 redwhite 06/12  Consistency true mark of Junior's year - Lee Spencer
 redwhite 06/12  Dale Earnhardt Jr. searching for Victory Lane as summer nears - Dustin Long
 redwhite 06/12  No win, but more consistency from Junior - Viv Bernstein
 redwhite 06/12  Earnhardt, Gordon play it safe at Pocono - David Newton
 redwhite 06/12  Points Are Great, But Junior Nation Needs a Win in the Worst Way - Doug Demmons
 redwhite 06/12  Junior?s bid to end winless streak proves to be the pits - Richard Allen
 redwhite 06/12  POCONO 400 NOTEBOOK: Earnhardt Jr. make strong run - Herb Smith
 redwhite 06/10  Dale Earnhardt Jr. backs Letarte's fuel call at Pocono - Nate Ryan
 redwhite 06/10  Junior Leads 36 Laps at Pocono, Has to Settle for 8th - Mike Davis
 redwhite 06/10  Dale Earnhardt Jr. Won't Second-Guess Team's Strategy After NASCAR Pocono Race - Jeff Gluck
 redwhite 06/09  'Mamaw' Earnhardt dons firesuit, takes Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s car for a spin - sportingnews.com
 redwhite 06/09  Sprint Cup drivers looking forward to ?shorter? race at Pocono - Jeff Owens
 redwhite 06/09  Hendrick drivers running well, not running mouths - Viv Bernstein
 redwhite 06/09  Dale Earnhardt Jr. Participating in Q&A Session at RIR on Saturday, September 8 - rir.com
 redwhite 06/09  NASCAR At Pocono 2012: Hendrick Motorsports On A Roll - Jordan Bianchi
 redwhite 06/08  Dale Earnhardt Jr. says Hendrick dominance due to shop pairings, 2011 changes - Jeff Owens
 redwhite 06/08  More Pressure to Win: Dale Earnhardt Jr. or Jeff Gordon? Fan Perspective - Jimmy Collins
 redwhite 06/08  Dale Earnhardt Jr. to participate in September Q&A session at RIR - mechlocal.com
 redwhite 06/05  Earnhardt Continues Climb, Gordon Continues Fall - Sarah Farlee
 redwhite 06/03  Dale Earnhardt Jr. Gets Best NASCAR Dover Result Since 2007 - Jordan Bianchi
 redwhite 06/03  Dale Earnhardt Jr., team encouraged by big gains, top-five finish at Dover - Bob Pockrass
 redwhite 06/02  Dale Earnhardt Jr. likes Dover's banking, but not the surface - Bob Pockrass
 redwhite 06/02  NASCAR: Earnhardt wants to put losing streak behind him - Dan Gelston
 redwhite 06/02  Hendrick drivers enjoying momentum swing - Viv Bernstein
 redwhite 06/02  Dale Earnhardt Jr. a proponent of shorter NASCAR season, but admits it's a 'daydream' - Bob Pockrass
 redwhite 06/02  Dale Earnhardt Jr. Dreads Upcoming NASCAR Pocono Raceway Test - Jeff Gluck
 redwhite 06/02  Earnhardt likes idea of shortening Cup schedule - Mark Aumann
 redwhite 06/01  Dale Earnhardt Jr. is running like a winner again - Don Coble
 redwhite 06/01  Dale Earnhardt Jr. not exactly thrilled with extra time at Pocono - Jay Busbee
 redwhite 06/01  Statistics Don?t Lie and Show Dale Earnhardt Jr. Is a Top NASCAR Driver: Fan Perspective - Jimmy Collins
 redwhite 06/01  Dale Earnhardt Jr. Continues Solid 2012 Season - thefinallap.com
 redwhite 05/26  Dale Earnhardt Jr. Unveils Winning Mountain Dew® "Dark Knight"-Inspired Chevrolet - marketwatch.com
 redwhite 05/26  Hendrick team revved up again after slowdown - Pete Iacobelli
 redwhite 05/26  NASCAR Coca-Cola 600 2012: Dale Earnhardt Jr. Confident At Charlotte - Jordan Bianchi
 redwhite 05/26  CUP: Junior Seeking Charlotte Redemption - Lee Spencer
 redwhite 05/26  Earnhardt hopes to put last year behind him - Pete Iacobelli
 redwhite 05/26  Earnhardt Jr. Rides High into Coca-Cola 600 - Pete Pistone
 redwhite 05/26  Hendrick Teams Differ In Season Performance, But All Able To Win 600 - Steve Waid
 redwhite 05/26  Rick Hendrick just living the dream - David Newton
 redwhite 05/26  Dale Earnhardt Jr. laments one that got away, focused on finally winning Coca-Cola 600 - Jeff Owens
 redwhite 05/22  Junior?s Confidence Boost Could Be Worth More Than One Million Dollars - Rick Bolton
 redwhite 05/22  Dale Earnhardt Jr.: Power Ranking the Top 5 Tracks Where Jr. Has a Chance to Win - Sandra MacWatters
 redwhite 05/22  Earnhardt Jr. - Small steps may lead to the future victory - Jerry Bonkowski
 redwhite 05/22  From fifth-place finish, a favorite for 600 emerges - David Caraviello
 redwhite 05/22  ALL-STAR: Earnhardt Jr. Makes Strong Showing - Lee Spencer
 redwhite 05/22  Dale Earnhardt Jr. confident after strong showing in Sprint All-Star Race - Bob Pockrass
 redwhite 05/20  Dale Jr. Shines on All-Star Night in Charlotte - Tyler Overstreet
 redwhite 05/20  Junior dominates, makes all-star race - Rea White
 redwhite 05/19  It?s a Junior moment - Tom Sorensen
 redwhite 05/18  Dale Earnhardt Jr. the owner reveals savvy business side - Nate Ryan
 redwhite 05/18  Dale Earnhardt Jr. has an offer for bill-backing Republican - Dustin Long
 redwhite 05/18  Dale Earnhardt Jr., Ryan Newman could lose military sponsorships under U.S. House bill - Bob Pockrass
 redwhite 05/18  ALL-STAR: Another Hendrick Victory? - Mike Hembree
 redwhite 05/18  Dale Earnhardt Jr., Danica Patrick Named To List Of 'World's 50 Most Marketable Athletes' - Jordan Bianchi
 redwhite 05/16  Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s 'Dew Crew' To Decide On 'Dark Knight Rises' NASCAR Paint Scheme For Michigan - Jeff Gluck
 redwhite 05/16  Fan vote likely to put Dale Earnhardt Jr. into NASCAR Sprint All-Star race at Charlotte - Al Pearce
 redwhite 05/16  Hendrick Motorsport's Peaks and Valleys Show Up at Darlington - Chuck Abrams
 redwhite 05/16  Hendrick teams could all win more races - Larry McReynolds
 redwhite 05/16  Celebrating Hendrick's 200th - Matt Willis
 redwhite 05/16  Commentary: Dale Jr. keeps skid in rear view - Andrew Shain
 redwhite 05/04  Love to hate 88 - Ryan McGee
 redwhite 05/04  Dale Earnhardt Jr. or Jeff Gordon: Who Should Get Hendrick's 200th Win at 'Dega? - Ben Montedonico
 redwhite 05/04  Junior is going to win at Talladega - Jeff Wolfe
 redwhite 05/04  'Junior' Ready to Roll at Talladega - Pete Pistone
 redwhite 05/04  Junior's odds of getting the Triple Crown at 'Dega? - nascar.com
 redwhite 05/04  It is Dale Earnhardt Jr.?s Time to Shine at Talladega - Brian Berg Jr.
 redwhite 05/04  Dale Earnhardt Jr. a winless champion? - Terry Blount
 redwhite 05/04  Dale Earnhardt Jr, other Chevy drivers size up Talladega - Matt Myftiu
 redwhite 05/04  Dale Earnhardt Jr., Jimmie Johnson, Kevin Harvick lead top options at Talladega - Mark Garrow
 redwhite 05/02  Dale Earnhardt Jr. eyes Talladega to snap NASCAR winless streak - Jim Peltz
 redwhite 05/02  Earnhardt Jr. steps up his performance - Dave Rodman
 redwhite 05/02  Earnhardt Continues Roll in Richmond - Pete Pistone
 redwhite 05/02  VIDEO: Dale Earnhardt Jr. Stifles Laughter As Tony Stewart Insults Reporter - Jeff Gluck
 redwhite 04/24  Junior has 'fun' despite questions in Kansas - Dave Rodman
 redwhite 04/24  Earnhardt Consistency Continues While Gordon Has A Glitch - Sarah Farlee
 redwhite 04/24  How do drivers handle victory drought? - Larry McReynolds
 redwhite 04/24  Dale Earnhardt Jr. solid at Kansas, but needs a little more speed in his car - Bob Pockrass
 redwhite 04/24  The Diary Of A TV-Watching NASCAR Writer - Jeff Gluck
 redwhite 04/22  Earnhardt Extends Top-10 Streak, Finishes 7th at Kansas - Mike Davis, JR Motorsports
 redwhite 04/22  NASCAR At Kansas 2012: Dale Earnhardt Jr. Reels Off Another Top-10 Finish - Jordan Bianchi
 redwhite 04/21  Junior studying his family's history - Lee Spencer
 redwhite 04/21  Dale Earnhardt Jr. takes keen interest in White House while tracing his family tree - Bob Pockrass
 redwhite 04/20  Dale Earnhardt Jr.: ?I feel like I?m the best? - Nick Bromberg
 redwhite 04/20  NASCAR love and TheSix - Marty Smith
 redwhite 04/20  Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s Latest Interest: Studying His Family Tree - Jeff Gluck
 redwhite 04/20  Notebook: Pecking order among top Cup teams - nascar.com
 redwhite 04/17  Mountain Dew Does It Big Time With Celebrity Cast - ricg.com
 redwhite 04/17  Why can't Hendrick drivers close deal? - Larry McReynolds
 redwhite 04/17  Hendrick puts four cars in the top 10, but not in the top spot - Jay Busbee
 redwhite 04/17  Earnhardt Jr. not a fan of car in Samsung 500 - Jon Machota
 redwhite 04/14  Earnhardt could make statement with strong run at Texas - Lars Anderson
 redwhite 04/14  CUP: Is Tonight The Night For Hendrick? - Tom Jensen
 redwhite 04/13  'I'm ready to win' - David Caraviello
 redwhite 04/13  Earnhardt: I?m no fortune teller - Reid Spencer
 redwhite 04/13  Dale Earnhardt Jr.?s first career win a distant memory, next one coming soon, he says - Jeff Owens
 redwhite 04/13  2012 Texas Q&A: NASCAR Sprint Cup - Dale Earnhardt Jr. - paddocktalk.com
 redwhite 04/13  NASCAR Superstar Dale Earnhardt coming to Chicago - Paul M. Banks
 redwhite 04/13  Harvick: 'I feel sorry' for Earnhardt Jr. amid win drought - Seth Livingstone
 redwhite 04/13  Happy trails: Danica Patrick is going to take Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s advice and have fun - Carlos Mendez
 redwhite 04/10  Earnhardt Jr. among reasons to be excited - Joe Menzer
 redwhite 04/10  Letarte fine-tunes his public image online - Dave Rodman
 redwhite 04/10  NASCAR Unites program to launch this summer - nascar.com
 redwhite 04/10  Earnhardt Jr. says 'races can't come fast enough' amid strong Cup start - Carlos Mendez
 redwhite 04/10  Junior, MWR and Reutimann among those who did not need a weekend off - Richard Allen
 redwhite 04/10  Maybe Earnhardt Jr. has turned the corner, maybe not - Greg Engle
 redwhite 04/10  Junior Nation's long nightmare is almost over - Doug Demmons
 redwhite 04/10  Dale Junior?s car graveyard: a bird?s-eye view - Nick Bromberg
 redwhite 04/02  Goody's Fast Relief 500: Hendrick Motorsports Close, but No 200th Win - Sandra MacWatters
 redwhite 04/02  Earnhardt Jr., Keselowski lambaste Reutimann's costly move - Nate Ryan
 redwhite 04/02  A.J. Allmendinger, Dale Earnhardt Jr. post Martinsville comments - Pete Pistone
 redwhite 04/02  Through six races, Dale Earnhardt Jr. is second in points and a win is on the horizon - Nick Bromberg
 redwhite 04/02  Rick's Rotten Luck: Why Hendrick Motorsports Is Stuck On No. 199 - Ron Lemasters
 redwhite 04/02  CUP: Martinsville Power Rankings - foxnews.com
 redwhite 04/02  Slam-bang racing at Martinsville magical for Earnhardt Jr. - Nate Ryan
 redwhite 04/02  Dale Earnhardt Jr. upset with David Reutimann, happy with third-place run - Jay Pfeifer
 redwhite 04/02  NASCAR At Martinsville 2012: Drivers Upset With David Reutimann - Jeff Gluck
 redwhite 04/02  Culinary delight: Dale Earnhardt Jr. likes to showcase his skills in kitchen - Bob Pockrass
 redwhite 04/02  A Dale Earnhardt Jr. Family Favorite - hellmanns.com
 redwhite 10/31 Earnhardt Jr. full of fun off track - David Newton
 redwhite 10/31 Are Junior and Tebow alike? - David Newton
 redwhite 10/31 Hendrick Seeks Milestone Victory - Pete Pistone
 redwhite 10/31 On Dale Earnhardt Jr., Greg Biffle, Carl Edwards, The All-Star Race And More - Candice Smith
 redwhite 10/31 Back Seat Driver: Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Texas Motor Speedway - skirtsandscuffs.com
 redwhite 10/31 All eyes on Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s lengthy losing streak - Randy King
 redwhite 10/31 Dale Jr. A Fine Pick At Martinsville - thefinallap.com
 redwhite 10/31 Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Juan Pablo Montoya Learn to Drift - Jen Dunnaway
 redwhite 03/30  Hendrick at Martinsville could bring end to drought - nascar.com
 redwhite 03/30  Looking for a good season - Jenna Fryer
 redwhite 03/30  Dale Earnhardt Jr. feeling good about season - Pete Pistone
 redwhite 03/30  Mike Brudenell: Will Dale Earnhardt's winless streak end in Martinsville? - Mike Brudenell
 redwhite 03/30  200th for Hendrick? Martinsville may hold the key - Jim Utter
 redwhite 03/30  Dale Earnhardt Jr. Saves The Day For Tardy Reporter - Jeff Gluck
 redwhite 03/30  Dale Earnhardt Jr. tackles Tiger, Tebow, love of cooking - Nate Ryan
 redwhite 03/27  Can Dale Jr. Seal The Deal At Martinsville? - bumpdrafter.blogspot.com
 redwhite 03/27  Dale Earnhardt Jr Continues to Show People He?s Still Got It - Brandon Butler
 redwhite 03/27  Mistake-free run leads to third-place finish for Dale Earnhardt Jr. - Bob Pockrass
 redwhite 03/27  Earnhardt Enjoys Solid Day in Fontana - Pete Pistone
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